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Top 5 Car Care Tips for New Drivers



A Recent study of parents, said that more than 20 percent of 15 to 19 year olds have broken down while driving. The study also said, the kids are often behind the wheel of much older cars. These vehicles don’t just look more beat up, they are often less safe because drivers fail to maintain them. So here are the TOP FIVE CAR CARE TIPS for NEW Drivers

car-tips-Check-tire-pressure-&-tread 1: Check Tire Pressure & Tread

Unscrew the pressure cap, place the tire pressure gauge over the nozzle and push down. That’s it!  The gauge indicator will stick out and tell you pounds per square inch. Check the vehicle owners manual for the recommended pressure and also check your tire’s tread. Under inflated and worn tires are more likely to overheat and rupture in addition to reducing gas mileage.

2: Have Yearly Brake Inspections

If your pedal feels slow or your car vibrates, squeals, or grinds when you try to stop, you might need new brake pads or another break related service. Most brake experts recommend a brake inspection once a year, but then again I know what kind of driver you are you.  You drive mostly to school, maybe deliver pizzas, or maybe even haul things. A yearly brake inspection with an expert will allow the mechanic to match you with the best brakes for your driving style.

3: Make Adjustments for Being Able to See and Be Seen

When was the last time you checked the wipers or the headlight bulbs? A Good rule of thumb is, if you can’t remember; replace them. Your eyes and Bambi will thank you!

4: Check Your Fluids

This includes your oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid levels. Older cars are more prone to overheating. So regular oil changes and fluid checks, like adding antifreeze, are key.

5: Be a Safe Attentive Driver

What does that entail? It means, pay attention, avoid distractions, wear seat belts and have an emergency kit in your trunk.


If a funnel isn’t readily available, Just cut the top of a medium to large plastic bottle. This will prevent you from spilling everywhere, plus you’ll look pretty cool coming up with a solution on the fly! Try it!

Tips-for-New-Drivers-Oil Funnel Hack

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