How to Change Brake Pads

This company demonstrates to you the generally accepted methods to repair, alter, change or supplant your own particular worn, squeaky, blurring old front brake cushions and rotors on a Buick Century. Pretty much showing you how to change brake pads for most cars. This video is comparative for Buick Lesabre, Chevy Venture,Oldsmobile Intrigue and Silhouette, Pontiac Bonneville Grand Prix and Transport models. You’ll first figure out how to evacuate your current front plate brake cushions and after that the rotor, and afterward introduce another brake rotor and substitution brake cushions.

To understand how to change brake pads, please watch the full video underneath:


How to Change Brake Pads Video Transcription

1: Remove the wheel (1:08)how-to-change-brake-pads
Remove the center cap with a screwdriver
Take the plastic lug covers off.
With a 19 mm socket and ratchet or lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts.
Raise and secure the vehicle.
Remove the lug nuts.
Remove the wheel and set aside.
2: Remove the brakes (1:54)
Use a 15 mm socket to remove the calipers.
Pry up the brake pads with your flat blade screwdriver.
Check the life of your rotors by checking for grooves and wear.
Remove the rotors if needed.
3: Install the new brakes (3:45)
Clean your rotors with brake parts cleaner and put them on the hub.
Apply anti-seize grease to the edges of the brake pads where they slide into the calipers.
Compress your caliper pistons with a large C-Clamp
Clean up your caliper bolts and apply a little anti-seize grease to them.
Put your caliper brackets back on.
Put the brake pads into the caliper brackets and then the caliper.
Put the caliper bolts into your brackets, with the one with the bushing on the bottom.
Torque the caliper bolts to 75 ft lbs

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