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Trojan Horse Auto serves as a resource to centralize vendor and technical information related to OEM and performance brake rotors and brake pads. Browse through our online Brake Rotors and Brake Pads database for your specific car make and model to view specific vendors that offer parts for your car.

Brake Rotors and Pads Vendor List

Brake Rotors & Brake Pads Vendor List


StopTech produces superior brake rotors, calipers, stainless steel lines, and brake update frameworks for the hustling and execution road markets. The organization additionally conveys OE secondary selling rotors, brake cushions and brake liquid from different makers.

Baer EradiSpeed

EradiSpeed rotors are immediate supplanting execution cast rotors with an indispensable cap simply like the OEM rotor. Every rotor has a one of a kind throwing with either a directional bended vane or the licensed Kangaroo™ port outline. EradiSpeed rotors advantage from extra mass in the “firepath”, and additionally an exclusive, high-contact iron definition.

European Brake Corporation (EBC)

EBC brake rotors are delivered by autonomous brake maker, European Brake Corporation (EBC). They offer the world’s biggest scope of elite brake segments that can lessen brake fadeand improve a vehicle’s appearance. EBC Brake Rotors offer a “Full Sweep” groove design that keeps the surfaces of the brake cushions clean. EBC brake cushions are mixed with Kevlar fiber and bronzed Graphite powder to improve the wear time of the brake cushion. The Carbon Graphite development guarantees a cool operation of the EBC brake circle cushion, lessening heat exchange to the brake caliper and framework.

Falcon Performance Products

Falcon Performance brake cushions are intended for a wide range of vehicles utilized for rapid driving or that might go over repeating overwhelming braking. Bird of prey Performance HPS Ferro-Carbon compound brake cushions offer progressed braking qualities to build the driving background. This excellent compound joins the wellbeing and nature of Aerospace outline consolidated with the braking ability of Motorsports. Falcon Performance HPS cushions offer extra halting control and better resistance than brake blur than about all unique hardware or standard substitution cushions.


These astounding substitution stock-sized rotors are a modest approach to redesign the presence of your slowing mechanism. They might help execution also. Cross-penetrating permits gasses to escape from between the cushions and the rotors under hard braking. Opening finishes the same thing utilizing an alternate strategy. Both opening and boring give the rotor extra “chomp” against the cushion, giving a more reponsive feel under beginning braking. The rotors are plated with zinc and/or cadmium for imperviousness to rust; the plating wears off rapidly from the braking surface. All rotors are accessible in gold lowlife plating, cross-bored, as appeared above left. We have an exceptionally restricted supply of silver, opened, or opened and cross bored rotors. You should call in the event that you are keen on the decreasing supply of non-gold cross-bored rotors.


The Power Slot rotor speaks to the most cost proficient jolt on, execution brake, update offered today. All Power Slot rotors are CNC machined to application particular resiliences that use a selective, patent pending, Power Slot decreased space innovation. This innovation jam external edge rotor quality, while forcefully driving brake dust, out-gassing and warmth to vent. The selective brilliant silver, hostile to erosion plating, done to military determinations, includes an innovative appearance that upgrades the visual effect of custom wheel establishments over drawn out stretch of time.


Brembo is an overall pioneer in the building, improvement and creation of elite slowing mechanisms and segments for autos, cruisers mechanical and business vehicles, for the first gear market, reseller’s exchange and dashing. Brembo offers brake cushions with consistent contact coefficient in all conditions, even the hardest. Bremo’s Drilling/Slotting always “resuscitates” the grating material, ensuring reliable exhibitions after some time. Boring/Slotting additionally keeps the development of a film of water on the circle surface if there should be an occurrence of downpour. This implies the framework works viably even on the primary braking activity. The circle opening shape is intended for top execution and least extra wear to the brake cushions and the defensive arousing treatment enhances the plate’s appearance and anticipates consumption.

Execution Friction Brakes

Execution Friction opened rotors utilize a mix of leap forward innovations to kill commotion and improve rotor life. Our exceptional machining process guarantees the most reduced conceivable runout and thickness variety. Our protected opening outline gives much higher brake chomp. Our select high temperature metal combination opposes problem areas and disregards the most elevated warmth stacking. PC planned vanes boost cooling wind current and anticipate warm mutilation. Our two piece drifting rotors are race demonstrated in major motorsports venues around the globe.

Porterfield Racing Brake Pads

Porterfield R-4 Carbon Kevlar cushions have an excellent, necessarily formed earthenware heat shield outlined explicitly to minimize heat move in high temperature applications keeping caliper temperature at proper levels. These materials offer strikingly high grinding levels while developing rotor life.

Connected Rotor Technology

Using profound cryogenic treatment, rotors can persevere through more warmth and misuse by diminishing the rotor of porosity and anxiety. Aiding so as to open of the rotors includes extra cooling the out-gassing impact, expanding braking execution in wet and dry circumstances. Advantages of an A.R.T. rotor incorporate a 200% expansion in cushion and rotor life, elimination of brake blur and warpage, and diminished ceasing separation by 20.

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